Hi, I’m Satheesh Veliyath, I am a Personal Branding Architect and I am on a mission to help digital entrepreneurs to create an impact in this world with their expertise using the power of Personal Branded Ecosystems.

I’m so glad we crossed paths here and if you are an entrepreneur who believes that your voice can make a change in this world , let me help you amplify that.

Time is of great essence and I will make sure you that the time you spend at my home here online you will take back 10x in value.

Let me share a little about myself so that I build a deep virtual relationship with you.


It was the year 2007 when I just finished my Entrance examinations puzzled about what path to choose.

It was that time when I had to choose my stream of Engineering.

IT & Software was too mainstream, Electrics and Electronics or mechanical engineering didn’t fascinate me.

I had an inclination to  mega  Construction marvels and architectural wonders around the World. 

I went ahead to choose Civil engineering. I regretted my decision in my second semester though

But now that I choose this path, I had to make it through.

Graduated in 2011 as a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering 

Later on, I  took up specialization in Construction Management from NICMAR, Hyderabad.

I passed out in 2013 and got placed in one of the reputed infrastructure companies back then.

What followed after that was a streak of 5 long years in the field of Construction in various projects around the country, until I discovered my love for marketing.


Graduating from NICMAR, Hyderabad


Since 2013, I worked in heavy Infrastructure projects around the country like Metros, Highways, etc.

My adventurer in me was pleased for being able to explore various places and cultures as my career progressed.

To sum up I had a decent career, well paid and my parents were definitely proud of me.

But on the other hand,  I have been becoming more dissatisfied with how my future was shaping up.

I was working on an average of 12 hrs per day without weekends.

Away from family and away from social life.

I was not in a great association which would me feel I am growing and succeeding.

I could make up how my future was shaping with the not-so-happy examples of my fellow colleagues and superiors.

Somewhere it hit me hard that it would be a bumpy ride to live a decent family life.

After giving a lot of thought   I quit my job in Oct ‘2018 and came back to Hyderabad

I didn’t have an option in had. I thought I will figure it out.


As a turn of events, Things didn’t go well as planned.

There is a famous quote that  “  Heartbreaks, Empty pockets, and Failures are the Life’s three best teachers”

Well for me these three teachers were kind enough to open my journey to self-discovery.

After a brief period working again later in and around Hyderabad in similar profiles, I decided to switch to explore myself in creative fields.

I had a flair for writing and began my writing career for an Event Management Company.

What opened to me was a magnificent side of Digital marketing.

I was fascinated with the possibilities of digital marketing, Social media, and Content marketing.

My learning thus started again and my search for the right mentors began


I found my first mentor in Jason Capital.

I came to learn quite a few path-breaking concepts that were being adopted just with the advent of Covid.

 My Biggest takeaway from Jason was “ Credibility is the currency of the digital  age”

This was the first time I came across the concept of personal branding.

With the knowledge gained, I partnered with branding agencies in the US initially since I didn’t have a product or service at that point and helped them with Lead Generation.

I got the hang of various outreach methodologies being adopted.

Although it wasn’t much rewarding from a monetary point of view, It gave me the desired experience.


My first gigs as a Freelance Digital Consultant started with people in known circles.

I jumped in and helped them from the backend as a business consultant for over 5 projects

It was a roller coaster experience and I ended up being taken advantage or being cheated.

Also, the sad financial state of my clients due to uncertain market conditions after Covid-19 was affecting my financials.

I had to go back to the drawing board to understand why my Freelancing journey wasn't rewarding and I realized 

1.  I was targeting the wrong customers

2. I didn't have a system (or) business model in place

I decided to take upon a learning curve again to fill these voids in my business.

What happened next changed the course of my life.


My search for a mentor this time helps me land to discover India’s leading Digital Coach, Siddharth Rajsekhar.

His Freedom Business Model was exactly what I wanted and instantly enrolled in his course. 

What happened after that changed the direction of my life to the next level.

Your real superpower is your Uniqueness

Siddharth Rajsekhar

He has heavily inspired the Big industry stalwarts like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook and incorporated the principles to build what is called the FREEDOM BUSINESS MODEL.

Applying the Freedom Business Model I was able to give a structure to what I had learned over time.

Being part of his community INTERNET LIFESTYLE HUB which is home to over 15000 members, helped me to be in the company of the next of digital teachers.

His journey has been remarkable so are the success stories he created. We call him dearly the Digital Buddha for the values he stands for.

His bigger mission is to Revolutionize the broken educational system and promote the Golden age where millions of people live the Freedom lifestyle.

I am so much aligned with his vision and incorporated it into what I do which is a small puzzle to make his bigger dream possible.

I surrendered to a mentor who was making over a Crore a month by revolutionizing the age-old education system

Though I learned digital marketing in  various forms from various mentors. The system and aesthetics of the application were impressive.

I followed his precise formulae and what you see here is the result of this learning curve.


Unlike the noise in the digital marketing world where everyone is frantically promoting various tools and tactics, what is really needed to succeed in the digital world is having a system that is scalable, sustainable, and grounded in my strong principles.

Like my mentor rightly pointed out once” It is not the tools, but the aesthetics of the tools that you should follow”

I strongly believe that a personal brand starts with the person. Continuously improving in all areas of life is what I consider to be my highest priority.

I was  able to untap my hidden potential by 

- Being able to be grounded in spirituality and being a regular meditation practitioner.

- Being a lifelong student and  Being in the right environment of lifelong learners.

- By being a firm practitioner of essentialism and minimalism in all areas of life.

The magic is that I was able to incorporate all these aspects into my business and operations.

Adopting simplicity and achieving maximum impact.

Now I am stepping out and be able to teach what I had learnt over years and simply the journey for you to amplify your voice  and identity to rest of the world.


We live in a world of confusion and chaos.

People are more biased because of the information overload and distractions which made them feel more powerless than ever.

I believe that everyone in this world is unique and may possess one or two strengths that can impact some others who need help.

People in this age look on to the web for solutions in every aspect of life.

A person I personally follow is Sam Ovens. He once said that “ You don’t need to be an expert in a subject to be able to teach, You just have to be better than your client” 

Superheroes are real, They are called Entrepreneurs.

I am on a mission to amplify these Entrepreneurs who are set out to change the world to create Impact and make this world a better place.

If you are able to resonate with my mission let’s stay connected.

I’m glad you are here.

Let me help me achieve your goals 


Satheesh Veliyath

 © 2022 Satheesh Veliyath


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