The digital revolution has changed the face of many industries, especially after the pandemic. Without brands embracing digital adoption, it will only question the brand’s survival.

Every Aspect of business are getting automated leaving lesser scope for human intervention.

But anything that cannot be automated is becoming more and more valuable. Emotions, intuition, empathy, values, etc. are quite a few of them.

We have moved far ahead from the Information age and we are in the Social age.

And over time there has been an increasing number of brands that deliver the same product and service leading to the chaos of choice for the end consumer.

But what ended up happening was that consumers have become smarter. There has been a massive shift of power in today’s consumers due to social media as they are becoming more and more aware of what to choose and what not to.

They are curious to know what is the deeper good of the brand that differentiates from the rest and look out for the emotional connection to be able to resonate with whatever brand they are getting associated with.

They are more conscious about the authenticity of the brand and what social impact and culture they are able to create.

It is the differentiating factors that create a lasting impression on the audience and influences their purchase decisions.

Please check out the Brand Purpose: The Definitive Guide[21 best examples] by the brandmaster academy

They have stressed the fact that Purpose is a Branding strategy, not a business strategy

What Are The Building Blocks Of A Brand That Defines Its Purpose?

This brings me to the concept of the golden circle which has achieved epitome importance for today’s aspiring and existing brands.

The author Simon Sinek has clearly stated that “It is not what you do but Why you do what you what you do is more important”

In a crowded marketplace, there are market leaders and there are those who lead, apart from innovation and the latest trends.

They communicate from the inside out and they Start with Why

Decoding The Golden Circle By Simon Sinek

Instead of defining what any brand has to offer it is essential to communicate from the inside out starting from the underlying purpose or the ‘Why’ they exist.

What comes next is a Vision that defines the direction of the brand and where they are heading and wants their customer journey to be.

This is followed by defining the ‘How’ viz a  distinguished set of values and systems which they are gonna incorporate to achieve the vision. 

Then comes the ‘What’ and greater mission that defines the processes, the tactics, and the portfolio of products and services with which their greater goals are achieved.

What are the factors that define the Brand purpose

It is that compelling reason that makes brands think beyond money and defines the very existence of the brand that drives them.

Attributes Of A Purpose Driven Brand:

  • They are Transparent  – The ability of the brand for being honest and open in its communication instills trust and resonance with its consumers.
  • They embrace their Uniqueness – The Consumers have grown smart enough to understand the copycats in the marketplace. What makes brands stand out is their uniqueness that defines the brand’s authenticity.
  • They are Solution-focused –  It is the ability of the brand to understand the genuine pain points and craft solutions with the least resistance so the customer journey is smooth.
  • They focus on Service over Revenues. They are the ones that believe that their revenue and profits are only the byproducts of continuous service and over-delivering of value.

3 Steps To Define Brand Purpose

Step 1 – Understanding Your Passion

Brand purpose starts with You. It is of utmost importance to define what are your personal aspirations as a brand and what you wish to achieve.

Understanding the roots from where  your ideas of service has originated and what satisfaction you would receive upon achieving the same will be a defining factor in your brand purpose

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be considered as an ideal resource to understand what is the direction you are heading to.

This will reinforce what is your bigger passion

Step 2 – Understanding What Your Audience Needs

Once your bigger passion is identified, It is time to understand the user persona. What does the market really want, what are their pain points, and what is that you are going to provide as a solution to solve their problem?

What works for someone may not work for others. Therefore clear research of the geography and demographics is essential to understand the pulse of the market.

Step 3 – Crafting A Solution

What makes your audience vouch for your offering is their journey in realizing the solution. People love to take a solution that has the least resistance.

Put yourself into the shoes of your audience and craft a customer journey with the least resistance.

The Brand evaluation design by Afdhel Aziz summarizes the above three factors in a beautiful manner.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Having A Strong Brand Purpose?

  1. First and foremost it humanizes the brand. People would rather be comfortable in communicating with a person than a tag, or a brand name.
  2. People associate with those with who they feel and love to be associated with. The more there is a sense of  community, the more there is a feel-good factor the more it leads to building profitable relationships
  3. If they are able to connect with their aspirations and dreams and if they find there is a larger social impact that is being created, People would love to be the megaphones and promote them to their near and dear thus increasing the rate of customer referrals.
  4. Any feedback is good feedback. Embrace the haters with open arms and listen to them what they have to say. How you don’t get deterred from the negativity and how you continue with unshakable commitment will only impress your brand loyalists. 
  5. Now if there is continuous improvement  with respect to the feedback from the market the brand will only become future proof and be  open for more avenues of growth and enhances the sustainability of the brand

Why Do Personal Brands Need To Pay Attention To Their Brand Purposes?

When it comes to personal brands, The personal factor is high and the authenticity of the person will be easily communicated in their message.

Only when the communications are interpersonal a real connection with their audience is made.

Instead of manipulating the customers with emotional triggers, they should adopt a purpose-led movement and purposeful communications which put forth the ideology of the person and the brand, there will be an instant connection with the audience.

A Personal Brand starts with the Person. Much more than the visible attributes of their digital profiles it is more about the person and what he/she stands for.

Their intentions, their values have to be visible in their communications and strategy.

If the purpose is laid out first, the next step is finalizing their Brand positioning.

The Brand positioning should clearly distinguish the above-said qualities is crisp clarity.

Here a free resource that I have created for you to nail your Brand positioning in less than 10 minutes.


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