Podcasts have evolved to be my favorite resources. Over the years I have been learning a lot on the go from a lot of podcast shows

It has always been my dream to launch my own podcast show 

And finally it is here.

IMPACT GEEKS PODCAST is finally live!! 


What you can expect in this show?

– Understand the deeper aspects of Personal Branding
– Learn what it takes to build a magnetic presence in the most aesthetic way.
– Learn how the IMACT FLYWHEEL works and put you branding on steroids.

Who is this for?

This especially for Digital Entrepreneurs and Solo entrepreneurs.
Since I am a Solo entrepreneur myself I can relate to them more and my mission has always been to empower people who are just like me to create ripples in the world with their message.
If you found this podcast valuable, please share your valuable comments on this.

I also invite you to join my private VIP community to learn how to hack your way to Impact and Thrive by creating your own personal branding ecosystems .


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